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“Mother’s Card” owners get the following privileges:

  • Additional, growing sale in Aversi network of pharmacies
  • Free therapist consultation in Aversi-clinic (Please see the list of following branches: Aversi clinis in Isani, Aversi clinis in Bogdar Khmelnitski, Aversi clinis in Marneuli, Aversi clinis in Rustavi, Aversi clinis in Gori) 
  • Medalpha
  • ‘’New Life’’
  • Recovery Medicine Therapy Centre;

Note: “Mother’s Card” owner can receive a free consultation monthly, if during this month she has spent at least 30 Gel in Aversi network of pharmacies.
30 Gel spent in Aversi drug stores = 1 free consultation

  • Free gynecologist consultation in clinic “New Life”;
  • 30% discount on gynecologist consultation in Aversi-Clinic;
  • Discount on cosmetologist services;
  • Discount in Recovery Medicine Therapy Centre;
  • Special offers for baby food and hygiene products in Aversi network;
  • Special offers for cosmetics and beauty products in Aversi network;
  • Free “Parent’s School” lessons for pregnant women in the “New Life” maternity hospital of “Aversi-Clinic”;
  • Discount in the “New Life” maternity hospital
  • Discounts in partner stores:
  • Chain of Perfume stores Voulez-Vous – 10% discount 
  • Chain of Perfume stores Lutecia - 10% discount 
  • Gino Paradise 
  • Chain of watches and jewelry stores TIME - 15% discount
  • Jewelry store PANDORA - 15% discount
  • Chain of electronic stores - AltaOkay
  • Liberty Tour 
  • Insurance company “Alpha”’ 
  • Chain of beauty and health care saloons ‘’Natali’’
  • Chain of restaurants and hotels - mgroup:
    • • In The shadow of Metekhi
    • • Bread House
    • • Maspindzelo!
    • • Otium
    • • Kvareli Lake Resort
    • • Sasadilo 46
    • • Kvareli Gardens
  • Treasure Of Georgian Feast
  • Adress group:
    • Etam 
    • Promod
    • Celio 
    • Gerry Weber 
    • Orsay

About the project:

“Mother’s Club” is the first project of such scale in Georgia and it’s carried out by company “Aversi” within the frames of charity mission.

Making it easier for people to take care of their own and others health is the main goal of “Aversi”.
“Mother’s Club” project serves the same goal – to make it easier for women to take care of their own and their children’s health and beauty.
“Mother’s Club” offers special conditions for this important segment of women in medical and parapharmacy services.

Registration requirements:

  • Mother's identity card or a copy;
  • Mother's name, date of birth, telephone number;
  • Children’s name, last name, date of birth.